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One Room Challenge - Fall 2020 - Week 4 - Master Bedroom

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Huntington Beach interior designer Samia Verbist working on a master bedroom

Here is the week 4 of the One Room Challenge dedicated to a closet remodel, cabinet transformation into a shoes display, and some bedding and accessories... But before showing you what happened during this week, I would like to thank Linda Weinstein and her fantastic team who make this challenge possible twice a year! It's full of creativity and inspirational with all featured designers and guest participants who share their ideas and visions about interior design, challenging and inspiring each other to go above and beyond during six weeks.


First time on my blog? Welcome and thanks for coming by! My name is Samia Verbist, I am a French Interior Designer based in Huntington Beach, California. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture in Paris, France and created my own interior design company in California 5 years ago. I love creating interesting designs for my clients and coming up with interiors that go beyond what they would have thought of. I love wallpaper, gold and turquoise color! My favorite place on earth is Palm Springs! "


So, here is the bedroom at the end of the last week:

White and gold wallpaper for master bedroom

Empty room, new French doors, wallpaper installed.

The next two weeks will be challenging and this make over will be (I hope!) Right on time if nothing happens in between!

For now, here are the closet and the cabinet which need to be replaced for a more functional space with drawers, shelves and clothes rails. The new closet will be larger and higher. But because there is limited space between the wall and the bed, I decided to stay with sliding doors. The new ones will be beautiful. For the other cabinet which is located just outside the bedroom, I will convert it into a closet dedicated to storing shoes....

Now it is time for structural work. So, Armando, my contractor, started to remove the old closet.

There is still a lot of work to do in the coming days. But here where we are tonight:

Tomorrow, Armando will install dry walls and then he needs to wait for the delivery of the new sliding doors. In the meantime, he will install the new floor.

I selected a vinyl from Paradigm, color Manor, a light beige with a ceramic bead finish. This floor will be installed in all the house.

Now, let's see what I selected for the bedding, wall art, and chandelier. Pillows are from Eastern Accents, Juju Hats and chandelier are custom made and the gravure is from H&M Home.

Various pillows for master bedroom interior design in Huntington Beach

Various master bedroom wall decor in Huntington Beach

Intricate chandelier in master bedroom interior design

Now I hope you have a better idea of the design of this bedroom.

Let's see what we still have to do on the To Do List:

- Change the window for French doors for more natural light

- Remove the plantation shutter blinds

- Add a chandelier for more artificial light

- Remove the A/C unit

- Renovate the wood panels' wall

- Remove the old closet

- Install a new large and functional closet

- Install new sliding doors for the closet

- Change the two interior doors (bedroom and bathroom)

- Prime and paint all the walls

- Install wallpaper

- Figure out what to do with the actual floor (carpet)

- Install new floor

- Source new furniture (bed, nightstand, table lamps, chandelier, bench or ottoman, accent chair)

- Source curtains (blackout curtains and sheers) On their way...

- Source new bedding and plenty of pillows

- Source new decors and wall art

We still have a lot of work to do so see you next week...

Have a nice week!

Your Dedicated French Interior Designer


Orange County interior designer Samia Verbist

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