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In Home Consultation

Perfect first step for getting professional advice

French interior designer in Orange County rearranging items on dining room table

Do you recognize yourself in the following scenarios? 

  • I just moved into a new home or office and have trouble making furniture work for that space.

  • I bought new pieces of furniture that look great in the store but don't work in my home.

  • What color for my walls? There are countless choices.

  • I have family heirlooms and treasures but no idea how to mix them with newer pieces.

  • Styling a bookcase or coffee table is a foreign concept to me.

In-Home Consultation is perfect for small to moderate-scale projects where you want to get involved in the process, do your own shopping, and manage the installation. Still, you need professional advice and tips to start the project.

This service includes in-person consultation with your Designer Samia Verbist at your home or office to do a walk-through of your space and discuss your project objective. 

During our session(s), She will address questions about your needs, design challenges, and future desired state. Samia will provide direction, suggestions, and fresh ideas for a variety of interior decoration aspects, including: 

  • Choice of wall paint color, wallpaper or other texture,

  • New furniture layout, color, and style integrating your existing pieces,

  • Review and amend your furniture, rug, Art & decors wish list,

  • Answer any design questions you may have. 


Based on your needs, we will create a list of recommendations, offer additional resources, and assist with budget optimization. You will receive our summary notes and a list of resources discussed during our meeting within five business days. 

Whatever your project is, we can help you!

Please note: 

• Design is made of endless possibilities; this process involves time and reflection. We need to agree on realistic expectations, as we cannot do a complete home redesign in one consultation. Consulting with your designer will put you in a great position to bounce ideas and develop strategies and action steps for your project. Getting honest guidance from a professional designer can prevent costly mistakes.

• Duration and number of consultations will depend on the size or number of rooms. We usually recommend booking by blocks of 2 hours to get the best value. 

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