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One Room Challenge - Fall 2020 - Week 3 - Master Bedroom

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Combination of interior shots of master bedroom and Huntington Beach interior designer Samia Verbist

Week 3 of the One Room Challenge make-over of a Master Bedroom will be dedicated to Wallpaper installation and new furniture sourcing!

But before showing you what happened during this third week, I would like to thank Linda Weinstein and her fantastic team who make this challenge possible twice a year! It's full of creativity and inspirational with all featured designers and guest participants who share their ideas and visions about interior design, challenging and inspiring each other to go above and beyond during six weeks.


First time on my blog? Welcome and thanks for coming by! My name is Samia Verbist, I am a French Interior Designer based in Huntington Beach, California. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture in Paris, France and created my own interior design company in California 5 years ago. I love creating interesting designs for my clients and coming up with interiors that go beyond what they would have thought of. I love wallpaper, gold and turquoise color! My favorite place on earth is Palm Springs! "


If you missed weeks 1 & 2, here is a summary:

My make-over for Fall 2020 is a master bedroom... This room was pretty neutral and needed to be highlighted.

White luxury master bedroom in Huntington Beach

First step was to change the window for large French doors for more natural light and to remove the A/C unit we don't need anymore.

As you can see, this already creates a major change for the room. Now we have a direct access to the terrasse and the french doors provide plenty of natural light.

Gold and white wallpaper installation in master bedroom

So, week 3 was dedicated to the wallpaper installation. I love wallpaper! It can change the entire look of a room and now, wallpaper is really trendy. Look at the huge choice we have from a small pattern to a complete painterly scene. You can be soft or completely extravagant with wallpaper like this amazing tropical one. Wallpaper could enlarge or reduce a room, make a statement or become a piece of art. Wallpapering can be floral, geometric, textured, withsmall or large pattern, stripes... It could be sophisticated, enchanting, elegant, bold, minimalist... Options are infinite!

My choice went for this gorgeous gold palm leaves pattern with bohemian eclectic vibes from Anthropologie named Frond Silhouette in bronze - It is more gold than bronze...

I decided to have it on just one wall, the one behind the bed headboard. It is a limited surface and only required two rolls.

In two hours, wallpaper installer's job was done!

This week, I also received all the furniture: bed frame, ottomans, chair, nightstands and table lamps...which is great!

For this master bedroom, I selected an amazing king bed "Arabelle" (TOV Furniture) with its impressive channel-tufted frame in a sumptuous sea blue velvet. Headboard is tall (67") which will make a statement in the room! To complete the bed set, I chose two adorable nightstands "Mina" (Safavieh) crafted with stylish bamboo details and two white ceramic table lamps with black shade (Pier One, sold out). I also added a chair in the room and I fell in love with this stunning Cockatoo chair (Selamat Designs) inspired by Australia's most iconic wallpaper designer Florence Broadhurst.

To complete the furniture set, I selected two nice Sommer blush velvet ottomans beautifully pleated (TOV Furniture). For window treatment, I decided on high-sheen finish velvet curtains (West Elm) in wasabi to provide an additional touch of gold.

Different interior design master bedroom furniture

Now you have a clue on where this project is going. Remaining delivery includes wall art and chandelier which are on their way. I still need to source for all bedding and pillows...

Week 4 will be dedicated to the bedding's selection but also to the finalization of the design of the buit-in closet and new closet doors.

Weeks 5 & 6 will be really intense. My contractor, Armando, will be there to build the new closet, install a new flooring and replace the doors.

Let's have a look at the To Do List:

- Change the window for French doors for more natural light

- Remove the plantation shutter blinds

- Add a chandelier for more artificial light

- Remove the A/C unit

- Renovate the wood panels' wall

- Remove the old closet

- Install a new large and functional closet

- Install new doors for the closet

- Change the two interior doors (bedroom and bathroom)

- Prime and paint all the walls

- Install wallpaper

- Figure out what to do with the actual floor (carpet)

- Source new furniture (bed, nightstand, table lamps, chandelier, bench or ottoman, accent chair)

- Source curtains (blackout curtains and sheers) On their way...

- Source new bedding and plenty of pillows

- Source new decors and wall art On their way...

I hope you enjoyed this article and If you want to learn more about wallpaper, I invite you to read my article: "How to give a new look to a room with wallpaper"

Have a nice week!

Your Dedicated French Interior Designer


Huntington Beach interior designer Samia Verbist

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