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One Room Challenge - Spring 2021 - Bathroom Remodel - Week 7

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Last week before the Big Reveal!

Before showing you what happened over the past week, I want to thank Linda Weinstein and her fantastic team, who make this challenge possible twice a year! It's full of creativity and inspiration, with all the featured designers and guest attendees sharing their interior design ideas and visions, challenging and inspiring each other to go above and beyond during these eight weeks.

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"First time on my blog? Welcome, and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Samia Verbist. I am a French interior designer based in Huntington Beach, California. I got my bachelor's degree in interior architecture in Paris, France, and started my own interior design business in California 5 years ago.

I love to create exciting designs for my clients and develop interiors that go beyond what they would have imagined. I love wallpaper, and gold. And my favorite color is turquoise! My favorite places are Palm Springs and French Polynesia!"


Most of the hard work was done last week (see week 6), so this one was dedicated to installing several items like vanity, lighting, medicine cabinet, etc. All the furniture and accessories arrived on time, which has been a real challenge in recent months! Delivery is taking longer than ever! But we got everything we need to complete this bathroom renovation!

I don't want to spoil the big reveal. That's why I won't be showing you a lot this week! But here are some pictures of what was done during this week:

I will not show you more! Sorry! I want to keep some surprise and wow for the next week ;)

Now, let's have our weekly look at the to-do lists!


  • Design a new bathroom Done

  • Select new tiles for the floor and walls. Done

  • Select new bathtub hardware. Done

  • Select new vanity. Done

  • Select new lighting. Done

  • Select new medicine cabinet. Done

  • Select glass bathtub door style. Done

  • Select paint color for the wall. Done

  • Create a 3D rendering of the new bathroom based on the selection Done

  • Manage budget and delivery of all material Done

  • Manage contractor's work Done


  • Remove cornice and shower curtain. Done

  • Remove all tiles (floor and walls). Done

  • Remove all shower hardware. Done

  • Remove vanity, mirror, and lighting. Done

  • Install new tiles (floor and walls). Done

  • Create a shampoo niche. Done

  • Install new vanity. Done

  • Install a surface-mounted medicine cabinet. Done

  • Install new lighting. Done

  • Smooth the wall and paint it. Done

  • Install new shower hardware. Done

  • Install a frameless bathtub glass door. Done

  • Install floating shelves. Done

So, we are done here and ready for the big reveal next week! Yeah!

In case you miss some of the previous weeks, please check it out:

Have a fantastic week, and see you next Wednesday for the BIG REVEAL!

Your Dedicated French Interior Designer


Portrait of Huntington Beach interior designer Samia Verbist in remodeled home

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