• Samia Verbist

One Room Challenge - Spring 2021 - Bathroom Remodel - Week 2

Here we are in week 2 of the One Room Challenge™!

ORC is a fantastic challenge if you are looking for inspiration or if you want to know more about how to transform a room in an eight-week period. It is fun, creative, and inspirational! This spring, as an interior designer, I will show you my process to turn an outdated guest bathroom into a bright and elegant space!

"First time on my blog? Welcome and thanks for coming by! My name is Samia Verbist, I am a French Interior Designer based in Huntington Beach, California. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture in Paris, France and created my own interior design company in California 5 years ago. I love creating interesting designs for my clients and coming up with interiors that go above and beyond what they would have thought of. I love wallpaper, gold and my fab color is turquoise! My favorite places are Palm Springs and French Polynesia!"

If you missed week 1, here is a reminder of the project. My clients use their guest bathroom occasionally for guests and since they bought their house few years ago, they kept it as-is:

This week was dedicated to my clients' wishes. When I start a project, I always discuss with clients about what they like, what they have in mind for the space, how they use it. I like them to show me their inspirations and I also make some recommendations with creating some inspiration boards. It's a collaborative work. I never impose a design, I'd rather suggest it based on my clients' lifestyle and wishes. That is the reason I take the time to meet my clients before we start working on the design concept.

I recommend to use Pinterest because there is a large variety of style already available. We can share our boards, discuss about it, about what they like, and dislike, what is possible, or not recommended. This helps me a lot to create the vision for the room.

For this project, we will create a bright and elegant bathroom for their guests. The chosen style tends to be modern with a touch of earth tone (wood).

These Pinterest inspirations provide a good overview of the vision I created for this guest bathroom!