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One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - Week 4 of a Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

One room challenge gold logo

As I mentioned in my previous post, the One Room Challenge (ORC) is not a competition. It is a way to show all the creativity of designers, of people who love to create beautiful spaces. During six weeks (twice a year, Spring and Fall), all of us will share the process of transforming a room in six weeks! And I am really proud to participate for the first time in the ORC as a guest participant!

So, I'm sure you remember the beautiful color of my kitchen cabinets that match my outfit! Yes, this is "Bali" from Benjamin Moore.

Huntington Beach interior designer Samia Verbist posing with color "Bali" 702 from Benjamin Moore
"Bali" 702 from Benjamin Moore. I love it!

Gold Calcutta quartz slab
Gold Calcutta Quartz Slab

Now it is time for a major piece: countertop!

I chose to work with a company I love, Di Franco Stone Specialist, in Anaheim, CA, because they have owned this family business for more than 30 years, take care of their clients, and have a fantastic choice of stone. My choice is a gold calacatta quartz like this one.

Isn't it beautiful?

So, Tony Di Franco and his team came to remove the old countertop at the beginning of the project. Then, he took all the measurements and sent me the material layout (it is really great because you can review the layout before fabrication and visualize our countertop). After that, they started the fabrication and manufacturing of all the pieces before the installation.

Here is the final material layout:

As you can see, because of the size of the counter, it comes in 3 pieces. Look at the flow of the veins, and it'sin magnificent!

They install the undermount sink at the same time.

So, now it is time to reveal to you the installation of the countertop and the sink!

Now the countertop is installed.

The room is already brighter! If you forgot, look at this quick before/after and remember it is not ending!

See you next week for another big reveal!!!

Your Dedicated French Interior Designer


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Jamala Kim Wallace
Jamala Kim Wallace
Oct 28, 2019

Wowser!!!! Your kitchen is really looking wonderful!! I love the paint color and countertop.. they blend perfect together (not to mention with your cute outfit😊) I love how this is looking!!!

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