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One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - Week Three of a Kitchen Remodel!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The One Room Challenge is not a competition, it is a way to show all the creativity of designers, of people who love to create beautiful spaces and share it! During six weeks (twice a year Spring and Fall), all the participants will show you the process of the make over of a room in six weeks! And I am really proud to be part of it this year for the first time!

For those who missed weeks one and two, let me summarize the project! I'm a French interior designer based in Southern California and I'm redoing my kitchen. I bought this house six months ago and the kitchen is pretty old! I decided to keep the existing floor plan but remodel everything else! Last week, the workers removed all the appliances, counter top, backsplash, faucet, and sink. The kitchen is now ready for the next step: painting!

This week, the painter Erni and his team came to prepare and paint all the cabinets. If your cabinets are made of good wood quality, it is a great idea to paint it. It is less expensive than replacing all of it for new ones and it really refreshes a kitchen. Keeping the cabinets saves money on both new cabinets and associated labor. This way, I can dedicate more budget into higher end counter top and appliances.

The question then is: which color? That is The most critical choice from a design and final look perspective! Depending on your personality, the style of your house, the lights in the room, the size of the kitchen, all of which are important factors to have in mind. For me and for those who know me, this will not come as surprise: I chose an amazing greenish-turquoise from Benjamin Moore named "Bali" (702):

Benjamin Moore "Bali" 702

So, Erni prepared the kitchen cabinets and protected everything in the room:

He spent a lot of time in the preparation of the room. He had to protect everything from the spray and vapors of the paint! My living room was like a crime scene from CSI!!! If you are thinking of changing the color of your kitchen or bathroom cabinet, now you know that part of your house will not be accessible for the during of the paint work!

Everything is protected, now Erni can paint with a primer first, then the finish laquer color!

Here is the amazing result:

Beautiful, isn't it?! Of course, it is not achieved yet. We still have a lot of work do but I love it! I think I am one of the few women who coordinate her kitchen to her wardrobe!!!

I can't say I don't like this color!!

I'm sure you are like me, excited to see the next step: installation of the amazing gold calacatta quartz counter top....

See you next week for another big reveal!!!

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