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Powder Room Ideas That Wow

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

A powder room might seem like a small, utilitarian space, but I see it as an opportunity to get creative. And to dive deeper into a home’s personality. In fact, I get excited when a project includes a powder room. There are powder room ideas you can incorporate in a small space that you would not – maybe would not dare – use in other areas.

Go Bold in the Powder Room

Internationally acclaimed designer Ryan Saghian said the powder room is the most visited room in a house, so this small space must be exceptional. And I agree 200%.

In a small powder room, you can take a chance, do something wilder with decor, and really rev up the design. For example, this bold black & white powder room in a spacious California home has personality and drama. The black millwork creates contrast while leaving an elegant impression, which is enhanced by the luxe gold light fixtures and finishes. The wallpaper has a bold pattern but remains within our narrow palette, so it isn't overly dramatic.

Coordinate the Powder Room Style With The Home

While a powder room offers the chance to make a powerful statement, it should always connect with the rest of the home. It doesn’t need to match, but it should complement. In the black & white powder room above, the millwork was inspired by the panels in the home’s living room and bar.

In the home below, the client had asked for a farmhouse style. The kitchen is white and black with some wood touches. This opened up many opportunities for good powder room ideas. With that in mind, I coordinated the powder room with that specific design.

A traditional vanity with a rustic faucet feels substantial. Plus, the wood-framed mirror offers a nod to the wood elements in the kitchen, which features a chevron-pattern, wood-look tile backsplash. The pendants add a bit of interest, but the natural material fits the theme. We also played with shape in the vessel sink while not losing sight of the pared-back farmhouse bathroom look.

Get Wild with Wallpaper

One of the most fun elements to include in a powder room design is wallpaper. In cases where clients are afraid to use wallpaper or worried it wouldn't age well, smaller rooms like these remove much of the risk.

But the reward can be great.

Bold patterns, florals, and chinoiseries are ideal options for powder room wallpaper and make your ambitious powder room ideas come to life. You can be more creative with your choices because you won’t be surrounding many square feet with an overwhelming design.

The wallpaper might be installed on all four walls, just on one accent wall. Or you could even put it above wainscoting or a chair rail. Going dark with gold fixtures and brass accents offers another intense-looking style.

Here are three effective uses of wallpaper that look great in the powder room but you might hesitate to use in other areas of the home.

Powder Room Decor on a Budget

In any project, even in a small space, keeping an eye on the cost is a necessity. But upgrading materials and finishes won’t lead to a massive uptick in overall cost in a powder room because the space is small. So you do not need a lot of anything.

That means you’ll get big style for a smaller budget. You can choose the best wallpaper, a high-end smaller sink, or put more money towards accents like the mirror, which then serves as a focal point of the room.

If wallpaper isn’t your thing, or you want a more neutral style, consider adding wall art. A framed photo or painting or two can add a bit of interest when you don’t want to be too dramatic. This can also be less expensive than wallpaper and still bring distinct style into the room.

Choosing a console sink is another way to decrease cost. It's less expensive than even a small bathroom vanity. These trendy sinks are convenient in a powder room where you do not need a lot of storage. There are so many choices available in consoles today, and you can often choose the legs and finish integrating them perfectly with your space.

Powder Room Ideas: Designing Every Inch

There are so many options when it comes to creating a powder room with personality, and you’ll want to pay attention to every detail. These three powder rooms run from jaw-dropping to fresh and glam to classic and timeless.

The first has it all with a hexagonal floor tile, black walls with gold accents, and a pared-back ornate mirror above a luxe-look console. Not to mention a black toilet that virtually disappears into the wall, emphasizing the mirror and bright green mural.

The pink powder room is classic and feminine, creating an extraordinary balance between the wood shelf and the marble sink. It is a tiny space, so the choice of lighter colors and materials works well. The powder room with striped wallpaper has a modern yet timeless look with contrast brought in through the classic mirror and darker countertop. Did you notice the wall art?

Source: Casa Vilora Interiors/Photo Credit: Colleen Scott

Remember, the powder room will likely be the most visited space in your home. Along with the living room, family room, and kitchen, the powder room is one of your public spaces. You want guests to open the door and say, “wow” – not just open the door to a white toilet and sink. When you enter a powder room, it can be like stepping into a new world.

Let’s be crazy. Let’s be bold. And of course, let’s be beautiful.

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