• Samia Verbist

Do you want a «Parisian’s chic” style home?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Paris, Capitale des lumières! Paris is synonym of trend, fashion, architecture and "bon goût".

And many people would love to have a house with this French touch, especially the Parisian touch! So, let see how you can transform your California home in a Parisian style home!

The thing is... it is first and foremost a matter of architecture. And we have to be honest, there are not so many Haussmannien buildings here in California… But anyway, let’s figure out what is this style and how you can adjust it to your place!

First, you need an old oak hardwood floor with character (point of Hungary like the picture). With the help of a good carpenter, you can have it !

Then, some elegant moldings on the ceiling but also on the walls, don’t forget the walls to create a statement!