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Do You Want A "Parisian’s Chic" Style Home?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Paris, Capitale des lumières! Paris is synonymous with the trend, fashion, architecture, and "bon goût."

And many people would love to have a house with this French touch, especially the Parisian touch! So, let's see how you can transform your California home into a Parisian-style home!

It is first and foremost a matter of architecture. And we have to be honest; there are not so many Haussmannien buildings here in California. But anyway, let’s figure out what this style is and how you can adjust it to your place!

Large stone building in Paris

White room with oak hardwood flooring

First, you need an old oak hardwood floor with character (point of Hungary like the picture). With the help of a good carpenter, you can have it!

Flowery crown molding in chic Parisian home

Then some elegant moldings on the ceiling and also the walls. Don’t forget the walls to create a statement!

Gold door handles on white wall in French home

Maybe a little more challenging: some door handles worthy of jewels. But you can find it for sure on your next trip to France! 

Fireplace interior design in white room

An old fireplace surmounted by an elegant XVIIIth mirror.

This part is not the most difficult: you need large openings (windows, doors, etc.). You need a good contractor to create those large openings!

So, now we are good with the architectural part of the Haussmannien style! Then, let's see the easiest one to complete the style: the decoration!

To realize the perfect Parisian chic style, you need to mix old and contemporary but not only! It would be best if you respect some rules:

White walls in renovated Parisian style home

1# White, white, and even more white for the walls! It is bright and timeless.

Parisian home with hardwood flooring and white walls

2# Mix and Match: You have to mix old furniture (the ones from your grandma or a fair market) with some contemporary pieces.

3# Lights: Another vital part, lights! No more ceiling spotlights but neat lighting, like contemporary designer chandeliers and table lamps for a warm and intimate atmosphere! If you want to be a real Parisian, girls, you need a Pipistrello lamp.

Renovated living room with blue couches

4# XXL Area Rug: You asked your contractor to create a fantastic hardwood floor, and now you love this stunning floor. But you have to protect it with an XXL area rug! You can’t see it anymore, but you have it!

5# Art: Let’s see how the final touch is, Art! Art must be contemporary, must be big, crazy, and fantastic! It is your home that becomes an art gallery! Did you get it? Think big, think ultra-modern, think Modern ART!

Now, I think you understand what is a Parisian’s chic style home!

You love this decor and would like to do the same in your home, but you don’t know where to find the excellent contractor, those unique XVIIIth mirrors, or these beautiful jewel handles?

Book an In-Home Consultation, and I will create this fantastic Parisian’ style just for you in your home!

Your Dedicated French Interior Designer


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