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How Hiring An Interior Designer Can Save You Money

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

I know what you are thinking: how can I save money hiring

an interior designer when I can do it by myself?

Blue and white mid century modern living room remodel in Orange County

There are a lot of preconceived ideas about hiring an interior designer. The first one is that most people think hiring an interior designer in Orange County or Huntington Beach will cost a lot of money, and it is only for the wealthy. Another misconception is that interior designers only work on big projects in Orange County; extensive remodels with a huge budget! And most important, there is something nobody thinks about: interior designers can save you money!

How? You save time, get access to interior design discounts, avoid costly mistakes, they also help you to reuse what you have, and finally, you increase the value of your luxury home in Orange County!

So, let’s see, in detail, how you can save money by hiring an interior designer, whatever the size of your project (from a two-hour In-Home Consultation to a complete remodel).

Regardless of who they are, all of our interior designers in Orange County are highly talented and dependable

Blue chair behind vase of flowers in mid century modern living room

1# Working with an interior designer saves you time, and time is money! Worry not; your project is in good hands! Your interior designer will manage your budget, follow the project, ensure everything will be delivered on time, and much more!

You don't have to shop (spending hours) all around to find the perfect tile for the bathroom and become quickly overwhelmed by the massive choice of tiles!

But she also saves you from headaches and eventually from disputes regarding the design, the project, and the choices! Trust me, you don’t want to argue for days, and you don't want your project to become a nightmare! Your luxury interior designer brings an external eye. She is the third-party consultant who helps you make the right decision, making your life easier!

2# Working with an interior designer gives you access to “trade only” resources for furniture, fabrics, custom cabinets, etc. She will provide you with the best price for those exclusive offers. And, because your interior designer knows her manufacturers and the quality of the product, she can order everything for you, get you valuable discounts and again make your life easier. Your interior designer also gives you access to her best contractors, painters, upholstery companies, suppliers, etc. Professionals you can trust for the quality of their service!

3# An important one, your interior designer, will save you from making disastrous and costly mistakes. How? She helps you make the right decision!

Let's say you want to design your bathroom by yourself. Why not? And you fall in love with this beautiful tile for the bathtub. You ask your contractor to install it, and then you realize that it doesn’t match with the rest of the bathroom! You have two choices: live with it or redo it and pay again for another tile, labor. Don't laugh! This happens more than you think, trust me! But with your interior designer, this would not happen. She can see the big picture of the room and all the details, and she makes sure that everything will match! She has an eye for it!

Quote from Charles Eames saying "the details are not the details, they make the design"

4# Another vital point is to be able to reuse or recycle what you already have! For example, if you move into a new home not the same size (larger or smaller), and you cannot afford to change all your existing furniture, how do you reuse it and make it feel like new? Your interior designer will help you rearrange your interior with what you already have and add some new pieces (table, pillows, curtains, a new rug, table lamp, etc.). The options are infinite, and she knows how to recycle and transform a piece! That is the magic of interior design: create a new space with a mix of old and new! By the way, that will help you save a lot of money again!

5# And finally, your interior designer helps you add value to your home! How? Simple, your house will be perfectly designed, decorated, and eye candy! Everyone loves a beautiful home, well organized and aesthetically pleasing. So, the value of your home will increase, and therefore you will be able to sell it faster (if you still want to sell your home after your interior designer remodels your luxury home!).

Thus, as you have seen, working with an interior designer makes you save money. She makes your life easier in the design process, saves you time, takes away the stress from you, rearranges what you have, shops for you, and takes care of your project. But the most important is she will design the perfect place for you with your memories and lifestyle. She creates your nest, your home sweet home, which is the most valuable aspect of her job!

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