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One Room Challenge Spring 2020 - Week 2 - Custom Home Office -

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Here we are in week 2 of the One Room Challenge™!

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If you are visiting my blog for the first time, thanks for coming by and having a look at my Week 1: One Room Challenge Week 1.

ORC is a fantastic challenge if you are looking for inspiration or if you want to know more about how to transform a room in an eight-week period. It is fun, creative, and inspirational!

This spring, as an interior designer, I will show you my process to turn an ordinary home office into a bright, elegant and functional custom home office.

Here is a reminder of the space. My clients both use occasionally this room as a home office. As you can see, there is a huge lack of storage and organization. He loves to use the desk in front of the window, she uses the other one. They have plenty of books and files.

When I start a project, I always show to my clients some inspirations and I always recommend my clients to do their own inspiration board. Pinterest is a great way to do so. Then, we can share our inspirations, discuss about what they like, and most importantly why. It helps a lot to clarify their wishes and visions for the room. In this project, they want a bright, elegant and functional home office. Their style tends to be between traditional and contemporary, so more a transitional style.

This week was dedicated to taking the measurements: walls, windows, doors, ceiling. This step is really important because the two desks, the Murphy bed, and the bookshelves will be completely custom-made. This house was built in 1927, almost 100 years ago, in an earthquake area, so you can figure that the walls are not completely straight. This room is small, has two doors and two windows. The conundrum will be to create two comfortable work stations, bookshelves and a Murphy bed in 130 ft2.

After the measurements process, I like to create a 3D draft to see what we can do, how we can manage the layout, and the circulation in the space. This 3D draft helps my clients visualize the different options. It looks like we can do it! We just have to make sure that we will have enough space to open the Murphy bed without hitting the other elements. By the way, I forgot to mention that my clients requested a queen size bed (not a twin), more challenge...

Here are some quick 3D renderings of what this home office could be. Of course, it is not the final design but just an idea. It really helped my clients to move on to the next step. As soon as they approve the layout, we can go to the next step: working with the company which will build all the cabinets.

This project is on a good path! Next week, I will introduce you to a talented craftsman, winner of two Awards who will work with me on this project!

So, see you next week for another step!

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Samia Verbist
Samia Verbist
May 14, 2020

Thank you!


May 14, 2020

This is going to be soooo good! Love the plans for this office. Can't wait to see more in the coming weeks

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