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One Room Challenge - Fall 2019 - Week Two! Kitchen Remodel!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

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This is my first time as a Guest Participant in this wonderful challenge! The One Room Challenge is not a competition. It is a way to show designers' creativity, of people who love to create beautiful spaces and share them! During six weeks (twice a year, in pring and Fall), all the participants will show you the process of the making over a room in six weeks! And I am proud to be part of it this year for the first time!

So, last week, if you remember, I showed you the room I will remodel: my kitchen! Need to refresh your mind? Here are some pictures:

This week, the contractor started to remove the backsplash (Yes, I hated this backsplash!). Of course, I will change all the appliances, so everything is removed!

The backsplash is out! Now, we need to remove the countertop!

The countertop is out, too, and all is ready now for the next step! As you can see, I decided to change the countertop shape. Before, there were two different levels on the countertop, like a lower breakfast table with regular chairs on the side, and on the living room side was a bar with a counter stool. I'm not too fond of this difference in level. The new countertop will be one level and significant! More space to cook, and now the two different counter spaces (with stool) will be at the same level!


Look at this beautiful Calacatta Quartz! Because the countertop is one giant block with countertop the two new bar overlooks, the contractor had to create this layout to prepare the cut for the installation, considering the beam between the two bars. The scheme shows how the veins are going thru the different parts to make it look like one single piece; this is the artistic part!

But the countertop will be installed in two weeks.

Next week, the painter will start painting the cabinets in a beautiful color from Benjamin Moore named "Bali." So excited!!!

Benjamin Moore "Bali" 702
Benjamin Moore "Bali" 702

Isn't it beautiful and bright! The room is pretty dark; this color will bring freshness, brightness, and happiness! For those who know me, you are not surprised! I love all turquoise tones! Next time another big reveal!

See you next week!

Your Dedicated French Interior Designer


One room challenge gold logo with guest interior designer Samia Verbist

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