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e-Design: How does it work? For whom? And what can you expect?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

With the popularity of online shopping and new technologies, e-Design appeared few years ago in the Interior Design Industry! It is a simple, quick and affordable new concept. The space is professionally designed without the need of a face to face meeting with your interior designer! Everything is done entirely online (via email, Skype, or Face Time). Nowadays with Pinterest, Instagram or Houzz, people are at one click to see beautifully designed homes, dream homes. And we all want to create a home which looks like what we see online. So you create boards on Pinterest, collect pictures, take inspiration but when it is time to turn it into reality, you often realize that it is not that easy! Lack of time, money or just skills, you need help!

Master bedroom e-designed by Samia Verbist Interior Design
Master bedroom e-designed by Samia Verbist Interior Design

e-Design is a virtual design service which gives people the opportunity to create their dream room while staying at home or at work. It is the perfect solution if you are too busy for an In-Home Consultation or if you live in another part of the country. It is also a great way for clients to get professional advice for their project, that they can do themselves or use their local contractor.

All communication is done via email and phone, your interior designer will provide a plan for creating a designed space that will meet your style, space and budget.

Transitional living room designed by Samia Verbist Interior Design
Transitional Living Room Designed by Samia Verbist Interior Design

What to expect:

Depending of the designer and packages they offer, you may receive:

- One floor plan with a layout

- A shopping list from retailers or online stores

- One concept board

- One 2D vision of the room

Again depending of the designer's package, you may also have the opportunity to get one or two revisions of the concept board.

It is also important to have one short phone call with your designer to make sure you are on the same page regarding your project.

What you have to do:

- Take pictures of the room

- Take the measurements of the space

- Complete a questionnaire (who you are, what you like, your style, color...)

- Send some inspiration from Pinterest (highly recommended to a better understanding of your style)

- Define your budget for the room (cost of the package not included)

What are the limits:

- Your interior designer will never see the room and the house (especially natural light, colors of the wall...). He/she will only have a short view of the room

- Project cannot be too technical like kitchen renovation/remodel or bathroom (need professional measurements, technical requirements...)

- Measurement is on you, you have to make sure to do it properly, especially for window treatment

- Shopping list is only with retail stores, you will NOT have access to exclusive resources for furniture, lighting, fabrics, decoration, art...

- You have to take care of your orders, delivery, assembly of the furniture, and you have to do the installation by yourself

- Window treatment cannot be custom made but only retail

Here are some pictures of an e-Design for a home office from the picture of the room the client sent to the almost complete implementation done with the client.

I love to create e-design because it brings me clients from everywhere with different styles. For example, René from the East Coast: When she asked me to do her home office (above pictures), she gave me "carte blanche", she only wanted something gIam. I suggested wallpaper (large peonies) and bold color (green sofa) and she immediately loved it. I was really glad because I always invest a part of myself when I create a room. She was so pleased that she asked me to e-design her master bedroom. She only asked for those beautiful curtains from West Elm in Pink Grapefruit. She wanted something glam and bright and I created this amazing master bedroom with this Japanese's inspiration wallpaper (I am crazy about wallpaper!). She again loved it immediately! I'm excited to see her implementation!

If you want to work with me, here is how I work: I ask you pictures, measurements, inspiration, budget and you have to fill my questionnaire. As soon as I receive all the informations required, we can plan a phone call (15-30 min) to make sure we are on the same page regarding your project. Then, you just have to relax while I work! You receive a concept board first after one week! You can ask for two revisions and when we agreed on the design, I create the 2D vision (no revision). After one or two weeks, you receive the shopping list and the 2D. At this time it is your turn to work: order, delivery, assembly and do the implementation! Easy, right?!

If you want your dream room for 2020, book now your 30 min Discovery Call with me and let's chat about your project!

Here are some e-design I recently created:

I hope you enjoyed this article and now you know more about e-Design. If you need help, you can book now your e-Design and start 2020 by getting your dream room!

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