• Samia Verbist

Color of the year 2020: Do we have to change the color of our walls?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

At this time of the year, every paint brands reveal what colors will dominate our homes in the year ahead! The question is: do we have to change everything?

First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore is the color of 2020, a soft rosy hue blooming!

Every year the trend of the color of our home change and it is always exciting to see which color will be THE color...like this beautiful soft pink by Benjamin Moore for 2020. But what does it mean? Do we have to follow it and ask our painter to change everything in our home every year?

Of course not! It gives us an idea of what is the new trend, the new feeling, "l'air du temps"...but it is also a refection of what we need in our life today. Colors convey deep messages and meanings and can be used to inspire and influence. Colors are really powerful, it can change your mood. Do you ever heard about the psychology of colors? A simple example: Try to sleep in a complete deep red bedroom....I am not sure your sleep will be relaxing and peaceful! Red is synonym of powerful, passion, love, energy. It makes our heart beat faster. Now, sleep in a complete light blue bedroom and you will see the difference!

So let's see what were the colors of the year in the past five years and see how our needs change. To make is easier, we will look at Benjamin Moore paint only but you can make some research online and look for example at Pantone.

As you can see in the last five years, colors were totally different. We came from powerful, enigmatic, and strong to comforting and authenticity for this year and the next one! It seems we are at a turning point in our life and we need a more optimism and effortlessly world! I like the idea. What about you? Do you share the same feeling than the actual society? Do you need more authenticity in your life? I do!

So, let's go back to the color of our walls....If you want pink walls next year, I can help you but the most important is to follow your instinct. Whatever is the new trend, your home is your nest where you share and built your memories, your instants of life with family and friends. If you love green, go for green. Color is really important, pick one you love, one you feel good with, a color which resonate in