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Portola Spring Residence, Irvine, CA

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When classicism and elegance meet to create the perfect design...

Embarking on a transformative journey, we recently undertook a kitchen remodel for clients who, unfortunately, faced water damage challenges. Eager to infuse their space with a timeless and elegant ambiance, we crafted a design that strikes the perfect balance between classic sophistication and contemporary allure. Opting for an appliance ensemble exclusively from Wolf, including the innovative addition of a steam oven, we curated a kitchen that seamlessly blends functionality and luxury.

The choice of Taj Mahal quartzite for the countertops evokes a sense of opulence, harmonizing with cream-colored cabinets that exude timeless charm. A warm wood tone adorns the central island, adding a touch of organic warmth to the overall aesthetic. This kitchen stands as a testament to the seamless marriage of practicality and refined aesthetics, providing our clients with a culinary haven that surpasses their expectations.

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