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Meadowlark Residence, Huntington Beach, CA

5362 El Dorado Dr 0346.jpg

The perfect balance between functionality and beauty...

In this captivating remodel, our focus was on transforming two bathrooms to meet the unique preferences of our clients. 

Focused on maximizing storage and functionality, we brightened the once-dark space by introducing LED can lights, a white vanity, and an innovative Lazy Susan corner cabinet paired with a pantry for ample storage – a clever fusion of kitchen-inspired solutions. The shower and floor feature large Onyx-look porcelain tiles, lending a luxurious and cohesive feel to the room.

Meanwhile, the guest bathroom resonates with oceanic charm, as a cloud-like blue porcelain tile surrounding the tub brings a refreshing coastal vibe to this seaside residence, harmonizing with the natural surroundings.

The end result is the transformation of two bathrooms into beautifully functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, each tailored to the unique preferences of the homeowners.

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