e-Design Agreement

1. e-Design is limited to an online decorative consulting service, including coloration, fabrics, lighting and furnishing. e-Design is an alternative to hiring the Designer for in person full design services. All selections or recommendations are regarded as suggestions solely based on the information transmitted by e-Design Client in order to improve the look and atmosphere of a space. e-Design is not intended for structural or architectural or construction purposes. 


2. e-Design Client agrees to provide a full information regarding the e-Design Project and its requirements, as well as any additional information required by Samia Verbist Interior Design to perform e-Design services.


3. e-Design Client agrees to correspond strictly through online communication. e-Design Client acknowledges that any phone call or local in-person service required shall be submitted to an additional fees of $180 per hour. Local in-person appointment are subject to geographical limitations determined on a case-by-case basis.


4. Samia Verbist Interior Design will not be held responsible for the means, methods or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery and installation, or for any acts or omissions of the contractors, sub-contractors, trades, suppliers or any other person performing any work performed in connection with recommendations made for the e-Design Project. Samia Verbist Interior Design will also not be responsible for the fabrication of custom pieces, for damages or repairs, for delivery and installation or for any schedules and/or deadline dates related to the execution of e-Design Project recommendations.


5. e-Design Client shall pay Samia Verbist Interior Design within ten (10) days of receipt of invoice. Samia Verbist Interior Design may suspend performance of Services if e-Design Client fails to pay any invoice when due.


6. e-Design Client acknowledges that Samia Verbist Interior Design’s recommendations or selections may include written materials or documentation that describe, support, or engender concepts, ideas, instructions, documentation, photographs, or drawings. These recommendations or selections are the exclusive property of Samia Verbist Interior Design and e-Design Client shall not copy, distribute or make them available in any form whatsoever to any third party without Samia Verbist Interior Design’s prior express written permission. Under no circumstances shall Client alter or remove, efface or obscure any trademarks, labels or other proprietary notices, except with Samia Verbist Interior Design’s prior express written permission.


I agree to the Terms and Conditions regarding the e-Design services provided by Samia Verbist Interior Design.




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