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e-Design is perfect for those who are too busy for any appointment or live in another area. It is a remote decoration solution which provide a comprehensive concept for the room of your choice with your style and in your budget.

How it works?

1 - You pay online your package (click here, prices vary according to the type of room ).

2 - You receive by email a questionnaire about your needs, wishes, style, and budget.

You have to send us too pictures of the room, a floor plan (the more detail, the better), and some inspirations'photos about the style you love. 

(Pinterest is a great way to find some ideas about your style!).

3 - you just relax while working on your project.


4 - You receive by email after 2 weeks your e-Design book that contains:

  • A Mood/Trend Baord

  • A visual perspective of the future decoration (like this beautiful Boho living room perspective)

  • An overall plan in 2D that explains you where to install furniture, lamps, decoration etc.)

  • A shopping list  (furniture, decoration set, rug, lighting etc.) 

5 - You just have to order everything, install and enjoy your new room!