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Bear Brand Ranch Residence, Laguna Niguel, CA


Exceptional Quality Meets Oceanfront Elegance: A Stunning Renovation with Sweeping Views...

Indulge in the epitome of luxury living showcased in our latest masterpiece – a complete remodel of a sprawling 5,000 sq ft residence with mesmerizing ocean views. This opulent transformation encompasses the addition of a guest bedroom and an extra bathroom, elevating the house to a grand 6-bedroom, 6-bath haven.

The kitchen underwent a sophisticated facelift, boasting top-tier materials and exclusive finishes that redefine culinary spaces. Every bathroom has been meticulously redone, radiating elegance and modernity. A grand entrance welcomes you with a bespoke design, featuring a new, awe-inspiring entry door.

This residence epitomizes high-end living, offering a seamless blend of exclusivity and unparalleled luxury, all against the breathtaking backdrop of an expansive ocean view. Explore the essence of refined living through our curated selection of captivating photos.

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