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Beach Cottage, Huntington Beach, CA

21851 Newland St 0008_edited.jpg

Beach vibes for this cottage near the Pacific ocean...

Welcome to our coastal oasis transformation! Dive into the serene and refreshing world of our latest interior design project – a breathtaking remodel of a beach cottage kitchen and two bathrooms. Our client, an enthusiastic weekend beachgoer, entrusted us with the task of infusing her newly acquired seaside retreat with the soothing essence of oceanic tranquility. Embracing the client's vision for a coastal haven, we artfully incorporated a palette of calming blue tones throughout the spaces, capturing the essence of sun-kissed shores.​

The kitchen, now a culinary sanctuary, boasts modern functionality with a touch of nautical charm, while the bathrooms exude seaside elegance through carefully selected fixtures and textures. Join us on a virtual journey through this coastal haven, where every corner reflects the harmonious blend of style and relaxation, ensuring a perfect getaway by the sea.

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